Friday, October 10, 2014

Meet The Kids...

I wish each of you could meet these little people who God has used to change my life forever. Because of meeting them it opened the door for God to show me part of His plan for my life. I know this is just the beginning. And it's not been easy but He never promised us that it would be. He only promised that He wouldn't leave us. I know that it will not be possible for all of you to meet them in person. So I wanted to write a little bit about each one of them so that you guys can get to know them a little bit more. 

Is 11 years old. I don’t know when his exact birthday is due to the fact that no one has been able to find his name card (birth certificate). He is a normal loud 11 year old boy. He loves to play outside, watch movies, run around, play football (soccer), build toy guns out of his baby sisters big duplo blocks, go swimming, and be noisy. At the same time he also has a tender heart especially towards his baby sister who is two. He loves sitting down and playing with her just as much as he loves running around with his two other siblings. He is currently studying in P3 so he’s behind in school because his family has not always had the money to pay for him to go. His report from this last term was good so he is working hard and performing well at school. 

Is a precious 9 year old girl. Being in the middle of two brothers also loves to join in on whatever her brothers are playing. But she also lovess doing the girly things. She loves it when I sit down and spend time talking to her, and/or painting her nails. She loves taking photos, coloring and drawing, and most anything any regular 9 year old girl loves doing. She is at the age where she seems to crave that bond that a Mom and daughter have. I know at any age girls need that bond and support from their Mom but I see that need in Namale everytime I see her. And it just breaks my heart everytime I have to say by. I know all the kids don’t ever want to say bye but I know how much she really hates it. She is also in P3 and is working hard just like her brother. 

 Is 8 years old. He has a very sweet disposition. But he is also a jokester. He loves to make people laugh and have a great time. When his siblings get into normal sibling squabbles he is the one who tries to make peace. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with him as I have the his two older siblings due to the fact that I just found out about him 6 weeks ago. But the time I have been able to spend with him has been great!! Eddie studies in P2 just a year behind his two older siblings and is also
performing well.

 All three of them just finished their Holiday season and started school again about a month ago. I was able to pay for their school fees and do their school shopping.This gives them a chance to be in school while I continue the process of starting this home.

If you would like to financially help support this home that would be such a blessing to me and all of these precious lives. You can either give a one-time donation or you can commit to giving something monthly. Any amount you can give will be such a blessing no amount is too small. Just think of these little lives that you will be able to be a part of changing forever. I send out an update email every two weeks to people who are supporting this. If you would like to be added onto this list please email me at: thank you!!

 Also, if you would like to commit to sponsoring one of the children here and paying just for their needs that would be a great way to help. If you would like to do that just email me at or contact me on facebook. And I will give you the details on what is needed. If you would like to do that. I will send monthly reports on how that specific child is doing as well as photos that way you and your family can see what a great difference you are making in their life by supporting them.

To donate you can either send the money through GoFundMe

Or you can donate through Next Generation Ministries (it's tax deductible) (please make sure to note that it's for Morgan Jeffries) thanks!!!